Covid Information

During these unprecedented times we want to assure you that The Rochester Cafe & Country Store is continuing to keep the health & wellness of our guests, our community, our staff and their families as our top priority.
Staff is required to wear a mask at all times. We require all customers to wear a mask when entering, moving through and exiting our building. We look forward to seeing your faces again soon!
We truly appreciate your support during this time.

Come enjoy a cozy booth or distanced table! 

Reservations are no longer required or accepted. 
Please call us at (802) 767-4302  if you have any questions or if you want to give us a heads up about a large party. We are pleased to offer the flexibility of walk-in seating again and will no longer be taking reservations. Thank you to everyone who made a reservation while we made our way back up to walk-in service!
We ask all customers to please have your mask on while you enter, move through and exit the building.
Schools are working hard to keep Covid at bay and there are many precious kiddos connected to The Rochester Cafe Family in multiple school buildings. One single mask could make ALL the difference in keeping those kiddos healthy and in school.
We are a VERY small staff right now; one Cafe Team member getting sick or having to quarantine due to exposure could mean our whole staff goes home.
We’re all a bit worn out from wearing masks, we get it. But please, do the right thing, follow our policy; when coming into The Cafe you need to wear a mask. Thank you!